Although the Virtebra Lab has a MakerBot Replicator 2X, which is dual-extrusion, I’ve always wanted to print something with multicolor layers.

IMG_20141024_153710983_HDRAt first, I tried to use the ABS sticks that came with my 3Doodler by inserting them into the 2X, but it turns out they’re too large in diameter to fit the printer.

Then I reasoned I could cut small pieces of PLA and feed them into the extruder while running the MakerBot 2.  I spent about 15 minutes trying different techniques to hot-swap the filament before realizing I should just google this.  Voila, a video from MakerBot itself telling me how to swap out the filament using the “pause” feature.

So I present you with a colorful carpal.  I’d never realized how much a lunate could look like candy corn.  Yum!