Today at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, I will be presenting a poster with graduate students Jane Holmstrom and Maddeline Voas, along with Dr. Kristina Killgrove. The poster will cover our efforts to digitize UWF’s Human Osteology teaching collection. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, we have been scanning human bones to create an online study tool for students in the Human Osteology class. We have scanned a total of 95 bones from 6 individuals, including the skull; left and right long bones; representative bones from the hands, feet, vertebrae, and ribs; sacrum; and pelvis. Our digital collection also includes bones with various pathologies to teach students exactly how certain diseases or trauma manifest on bone. The digital models can be found here and downloaded onto computers, smartphones, tablets, or e-Readers to help osteology students study from virtually anywhere.

Below is our poster, which you can read here.


If you are at the AAPA meeting, stop by the Atrium Ballroom on Saturday, April 16th and see us!