We have met – and surpassed – our original goal of printing and painting 60 olive jars for this summer! It took approximately two months to print and paint a total of 102 olive jars to gift to everyone that has helped out with the Luna site, where this olive jar rim sherd was found. This specific artifact is important because it linked the site to Spanish expeditions led by Tristan de Luna y Arellano during the 16th century.

Another project that we have been working on this summer is magnetizing shell fragments of a Civil War case shot recovered from the Natural Bridge Battlefield Historic State Park. Our first attempt at this – placing magnets inside of the model as it was printing – failed; the magnets were not strong enough to attract through the plastic and they were sometimes too large to be placed correctly inside the model. Janene Johnston and Mariana Zechini will discuss this project in more detail in a poster that will be presented at the 2017 Society for Historical Archaeology annual meeting in Dallas, TX.


The plastic models of the three fragments of the Civil War case shot. 

We are currently printing and painting artifacts from the Emanuel Point II shipwreck site. These artifacts include ceramics, wooden utensils, and carved wood artifacts. Stay tuned for updates on that project and more!